Conservation Programs

At Tempo, we believe that we can inspire positive change through our beverages. We are committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of our company – from the sourcing of organic ingredients to the use of low-impact manufacturing, ultimately creating a cohesive platform for social change that champions environmental causes. We use 100% recyclable glass and avoid the use of plastic materials whenever possible.

We love the ocean. Not only is the ocean a source of endless inspiration and wonder, but it is our planet’s life support system. Our health is undeniably tied to the health of the oceans. At Tempo, we believe that if we can make a difference in restoring the health of the oceans, we can make a difference in all other areas of our lives – from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, the tea we drink.

Our beverages help support the important ocean conservation work being done by Beneath the Waves, a non-profit organization whose mission is to conserve sharks around the world through cutting-edge research. Sharks are one of the most threatened groups of animals on the planet, and it has been estimated that up to 100 million sharks are killed every year for their fins. This is alarming because sharks keep the oceans healthy and food-webs in balance. Less sharks means less healthy oceans. Beneath the Waves is collecting critical information on shark behavior and habitat use to better understand where and when sharks are most vulnerable to illegal fishing, in hopes of creating meaningful policies to help conserve and protect these threatened species. Tempo supports and participates in these crucially important conservation missions.

So drink up, there is a shark out there that is thanking you.