Our Story

While working at an investment bank and navigating the perils of a PhD degree, our founding team decided that we were tired of being tired. The daily routines of fueling ourselves with sugary sodas, chemically-sweetened teas, and high-octane coffees had taken their tolls on our bodies and left us searching for a better solution. 

Nothing seemed pure, clean, exciting, and revitalizing. So with no great options in sight, we decided to create one.

Tempo is a new line of organic and unsweetened sparkling teas crafted to provide a healthy and uplifting boost of natural energy, with zero calories and no added sugars or sweeteners. The brand honors the revitalizing taste of premium teas and the vibrancy of unique spice blends to create a fun and functional beverage. We believe that good food is good fuel, and we hope that Tempo will inspire you to refresh your daily routine.