5 Reasons to Love Sparkling Tea

At Tempo, we designed delicious, organic, and refreshing sparkling teas. Never heard of sparkling
tea? Here are our top 5 reasons to love this new and exciting beverage option!

5. It’s a fun vehicle for hydration, energy, and antioxidants
The natural power of tea, namely its cognitive, energetic, and health benefits, have been realized
for thousands of years. Sparkling iced tea presents these same benefits to modern tastes.

4. It goes really well with your favorite meal
Sparkling beverages are the perfect partner to virtually any meal, whether you are looking for a
morning pick me up or grabbing lunch on the go.

3. It enhances your drinking experience
Carbonation is king, and here’s why: Bubbles bring aromas within the liquid up to the drinker’s
nose, creating a heightened perception of flavor. Once sipped, the bubbles rising up in the
drinker’s mouth also create a pleasant, tingly sensation.

2. It can be enjoyed virtually anywhere
In the morning, during work, or after a yoga class. On a rooftop with friends or in your favorite
cocktail. The ways to enjoy a refreshing sparkling iced tea are limitless.

1. It’s a refreshing new twist on an old classic
Iced tea is a big deal, and has been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years. Bubbles take iced
tea to a new and more versatile place, allowing it to be enjoyed by even more people.

Austin Gallagher